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Safe, affordable medications you can rely on

At Cordavis™, we're committed to bringing FDA-approved, high-quality biosimilars to patients across the U.S.

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Every day, we work to build an innovative, diverse and world-class team. Based in Dublin, Ireland, we promote collaboration and stand by our commitments to our customers and patients.

Our logistics management provides enhanced delivery predictability with our innovative inventory tracking system, helping to ensure accessibility.

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Meet Our Team

Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin

President & General Manager

Jeff is the President of Cordavis, and is responsible for setting the direction of the organization and building the team to execute against that strategy. With over 20 years experience in health care, and having led teams across the US and Europe, Jeff is well positioned to help realign incentives that will drive down drug spend for patients and payers.

Jeff earned his MBA in Finance from Vanderbilt University and has relocated to Dublin, Ireland with his wife and family.

Kevin Wessels

Kevin Wessels

Vice President, Trade Relations

Kevin Wessels joined Cordavis in 2023 as Vice President,Trade Relations. Prior to joining Cordavis, Kevin led Contracts and Pricing at Dermavant Sciences and worked in Trade Relations for 26 years with CVS Health. Kevin graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Syracuse University and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Kevin lives with his family in Dublin, Ireland.

Terri Fetters

Terri Fetters

Vice President, Technical Operations

Terri Fetters is Vice President Technical Operations for Cordavis in which role she is responsible for all facets of supply chain planning and contract manufacturer oversight. In this role, Terri draws upon her 20+ years of experience as a leader in CVS Pharma Procurement organization in which she was responsible for optimizing supply chain and demand planning processes while leveraging collaborative supplier relationships. 

Terri earned her BA in Economics from the University of Kansas and an MBA from the University of North Florida. Terri recently relocated to Dublin Ireland where she resides with her husband.

Jeff Lannigan

Jeff Lannigan, Pharm D  

Executive Director, Quality and Regulatory

Jeff Lannigan joined Cordavis in 2023 to help launch the regulatory and quality team. His responsibilities include developing guidelines, standards and operating frameworks across the regulatory and quality organization.

Jeff has a Pharm D degree from Nova Southeastern and a B.S. Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. He also holds an MBA from the Miami Herbert Business School at University of Miami. He resides in Dublin, Ireland.

Donal O'Leary

Donal O’Leary

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Donal joined Cordavis as Vice President & Chief Financial Officer supporting the business to ensure robust financial insight and discipline underpin its growth objectives. Donal has over 10 years of experience in health care, most recently leading the commercial, distribution and technical teams in Aetna International (CVS overseas insurance division).

Donal holds a BSc in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics and is a Fellow of both the Society of Actuaries in Ireland and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK. He currently resides in Dublin, Ireland with his family.